Protests in Romania (part 1)

These photos were selected for an exposition hosted by the European Parliament in 2018 featuring the anti-corruption protests in Romania that happened during the year 2017. The first four images were printed for the exposition, the other are part of the preselection.

Protests in Romania (part 2)

In 2018 the anti-corruption protests continued. This is a small sample, the first six are from 10th august 2018 when violent incidents and riot police repression happened. The first image was widely circulated in online and television as proof that the riot police had insiders in the crowd to instigate violence and justify repression.

Visit of Pope Francis in Romania

Several images during the visit of Pope Francis in Romania in 2019, in front of the new orthodox cathedral in Bucharest.

Falun Dafa Parade in New York (2017)

The annual Falun Dafa parade in New York City, organized by practitioners of the qigong practice to show its beauty.


A few landmarks I photographed, including the European Parliament and the Atheneum in Bucharest (to be updated)