Video Journalism

All videos are shot and edited by Mihut Savu

Branded content material published in Epoch Times Romania for the “Counterstrike in real life” concept of FYSNOW airsoft arena.
The video was published on the Epoch Times Romania Facebook page here.

A group of citizens protests against the demolition of Park Brancusi in Bucharest. Reportage for Epoch Times Romania.

Why do Romanians protest frequently opposite to the chinese embassy in Bucharest?
Video realised to raise awareness about the persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners in China.

Interview about ethics in transplantology with Dr. Jacob Lavee, Director of the Heart Transplantation Unit of the Sheba Medical Center and immediate past President of the Israel Transplantation Society.
The interview was published in Epoch Times Romania here.
Excerpts from this interview were selected for the documentary Medical Genocide